Pediatric Services

Calumet Dental & Implant Center Provides Gentle Pediatric Services 

Some parents are under the impression that there is no pressing need for young children to go to the dentist. Since baby teeth are only temporary, their smile’s health may seem unimportant. However, that’s not the case. A child’s oral health can have a lasting influence on permanent teeth and the future development of their smile.

Dr. Bassam Issa and his family-friendly team offer fun and gentle dental services that ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Caring and Comprehensive Pediatric Care

We understand that helping children feel safe and secure is an art form. A gentle and warm approach gives your child the positive associations they need to continue a lifetime of oral health care. Our team takes our time taking this foundational step in your child’s oral care.

We are focused on treating the unique needs of children. Knowledge of dental development and an understanding of conditions that affect the ongoing function of your child’s smile are essential aspects of our specialized care. When visiting our practice, we carefully observe your child’s musculoskeletal growth, as it can have far-reaching implications for their oral and overall health.

Our treatments for children include:

  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Sealants
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Pulpectomies
  • Sedation Options
  • Orthodontic Assessments

Preventive and Restorative Care for Healthy, Young Smiles

Children need to be educated on the preventive techniques that keep their teeth healthy. We explain the causes of tooth decay and teach youngsters how to brush and floss properly to avoid cavities. Our staff offers tips on how to make oral hygiene fun and engaging.

Calumet Dental & Implant Center is Your Partner in Pediatric Dental Care

We provide excellent service to children and create a fun and welcoming environment. Give us a call to build a future of healthy smiles with dental care that begins today.


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