Oral Surgery

Oral surgery has to deal with all procedures and treatments for your mouth, teeth, and jaws that require surgery. If you are in need of such treatments, your general dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon. Oral surgery can be done at the dentist office without the need to go to a hospital, and there are different sedation options available depending on the type and length of the procedure. Dentists practice procedures involving oral surgery every day, and they can be used to treat dental problems like bone grafting, TMJ disorder or tooth extractions.

Bone Grafting – this procedure is needed to rebuild bone material and enhance the strength of your bone. This can be a solution for people who need dental implants but don't have enough bone structure or is too weak. A graft is made out of bone-like materials that are placed where your bone has weakened or fractured. Over a period of time, the cells in the graft will grow and start rebuilding and strengthening the bone.

TMJ Disorders – Temporomandibular joint or TMJ refers to the joint that holds together your lower jaw with your skull. This joint allows your mouth to move so you can speak, chew, etc. but sometimes there can be muscular or anatomical issues that make that movement painful or not possible. If it is a muscular problem, the symptoms are; pain, soreness, and the inability to move the jaw. If the problem is anatomical, the symptoms are; headaches, earaches, difficulty opening and closing your mouth which makes it difficult to eat or speak, and locking of the jaw.

Tooth Extractions – tooth extractions are necessary when a tooth has been broken or fractured beyond repair due to trauma or injury; as part of an orthodontic treatment or because of extreme decay. A simple extraction uses only special pliers to rock the tooth out of its socket or take out the broken pieces of tooth. If the extraction is more complicated because of the position of the tooth or some other reason, a more invasive extraction is needed and a surgical incision made at the gumline to free and remove the tooth.

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