Professional Teeth Cleanings and Complete Check-ups

Here at Calumet Dental we recommend that you visit your dentists twice a year to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Although you might have good dental health habits at home and brush constantly, there are areas that we can always reach with our toothbrushes. To maintain good dental health, professional cleanings can help further prevent cavities and decay.

During the professional cleanings, the dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth and removes all bacterial toxins, build up tartar and plaque and protect your teeth with sealants and fluoride to prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth and make your teeth stronger. Fluoride treatment is an essential part of the cleaning, although it can be found in most toothpaste and products over the counter, your dentist will apply it to every tooth individually, and it contains a stronger more effective concentration of fluoride for a long lasting protective effect.

A complete check up, on the other hand, will allow your dentist to see the overall health of your mouth. Here at Calumet Dental, we believe in always making our patient's health a priority – that is why we use digital X-rays for our comprehensive exams which are known to reduce radiation by 90%. X-rays will indicate if any underlying problems need to be addressed by your dentist, maybe look at the position of your teeth and see if the orthodontic treatment might be necessary, also check for cavities and existing fillings that might show on the X-rays. However, an integral part of the check up is an oral cancer screening.

During your checkup, your dentist will examine your neck, cheeks, gum and tongue to look for bumps or abnormal tissue. With the use of a special light and dyes and examination, your dentist can complete the screening in a very short period. We believe in education our patients about prevention and how prevention can make the difference between life or death. Out of all the cancers that exist, oral cancer is the one that causes the most deaths in America, and early detection can increase your chances of successful treatment.

If you would like to have a complete checkup and oral screening, or simply want to come in for your cleaning, simply call us today at (708) 300-9352 or visit our office on 500 River Oaks Dr, Calumet City, IL 60409. Our dentists will be more than glad to take care of all your dental needs.


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