Dental Implants

A dental implant is a non-removable restoration that looks and feels like a real tooth. The implant itself, which is made of titanium, is placed into the bone socket of the missing tooth and acts like the new tooth’s root. On top of the implant, a new tooth will be attached in the form of a crown.

What does the dental implant procedure involve?

From start to finish, the procedure usually involves three visits over six months. If Dr. Issa thinks that you are a good candidate for the procedure he will take X-rays and perform a thorough exam. Then a treatment plan will be explained in details which involve the advantages of such procedure.

The procedure is simple and involves numbing the area with local anesthetic. The dental implant is then placed surgically in the desired area of your mouth. It takes several weeks for the implant to integrate with the jaw bone before we can place the new tooth or denture on it.

How much do dental implants cost?

As with other procedures, the cost varies from one person to another depending on the anatomy of the area. If you have questions about insurance coverage for such procedure, call us, and we would be happy to find out for you. If you don’t have insurance, in-house payment plans are available. Don’t wait any longer, call today!


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