Crowns and Bridges

A crown or a “cap” is natural looking restorations that are used to restore a large filling, cracked tooth, or a dental implant. A bridge is essentially three crowns or more that are connected to each other used to replace missing teeth.

Crowns and bridges replace the appearance and the function of the restored teeth. They both have a natural looking.

Crowns and bridges can be made out of porcelain or Zirconia. Nowadays these materials are strong and look more natural.

Crown and Bridge Procedure.

Before you get a crown or a bridge, Dr. Issa will make sure that you are numb in that area with a local anesthetic. Then we have to make room for the crowns by reducing the teeth that are adjacent to the empty space if you are getting a bridge, or reduce that specific tooth if you are getting a crown. We will take a measurement of your mouth and send this to a lab where they will fabricate your crown or bridge. When it is ready, you will return to the office again so we can put the bridge in your mouth and make any necessary adjustments. Dr. Issa will cement the crown or bridge into your mouth.

How much do crowns and bridges cost?

The cost can depend on which crown or bridge is best for you, and how many teeth is this bridge replacing. If you have insurance, our office manager can help you to determine what, if anything, your insurance will cover. If you don’t have insurance, they can go over financing options with you.

Why do I need dental crowns?

If you have a cracked tooth or a tooth that has root canal treatment, then the tooth might break, and you might lose it eventually. A crown acts like a “cap” and protects the tooth.

With good hygiene, crowns can last for years.

Why should I get a bridge?

If you have missing teeth you will not be able to enjoy your food or smile with confidence, also missing teeth can cause the other teeth to shift and your bite to collapse.


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